Purple dollar

Acne silk dollar print twin set-Issey Miyake bag

Her look is just wonderful, I totally love it. This dollar printed twin set is from Acne studios. The print is also available in green, but I love the purple color more.
Un look absolument sublime. J’adhère et j’adore. Elle porte l’ensemble imprimé dollar Acne studios. Cet imprimé existe aussi en vert mais je préfère largement la couleur violette.

Acne silk dollar print twin set-Issey Miyake bag 1

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Chambray dress

Chambray dress

Absolutely timeless, women are wearing chambray dress for several years now. I love how she styled hers with this sporty belt around her waist.
Absolument indémodable, la robe chambray accompagne la femme depuis plusieurs années déjà. J’aime comment elle porte la sienne avec cette ceinture sporty autour de la taille.

Chambray dress 1

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If I were a boy

oversized coat-cropped pants

If I were a boy, I’d dress like this. But if you think about it, it would look great on a girl too.
Si j’étais un mec, je m’habillerais comme ça. À bien y refléchir, ce look irait bien à une fille aussi.

oversized coat-cropped pants 1

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